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Diving Sites

Kisite Marine Park

There is a beautiful coral reef that fringes Kisite Island. It consists of a gently sloping wall with an abundance of hard corals and varies in depth from the surface to 18m. These corals are home to over 360 species of fish. The wealth, diversity and colours of the fish are fantastic. There are large schools of blue lined snappers, hump-head snappers, fusiliers, rudder fish, spade fish  and surgeon fish. You will also see the sad looking big eyes, regal, African and emperor angel fishes,  thread finned, red finned, yellow head butterfly fish, parrot fish, giant sweet lips, giant snappers and Moorish idols just to name a few.

Turtles are often seen grazing on the corals, lionfish quietly watching you, blue spotted sting rays darting away as you glide along the reef, crocodile fish camouflaged in the sand, timid octopus and sleek looking squid. This area is home to several pods of dolphins, they are inquisitive, and there is a good chance that they may pass by to see who is there. Dolphin encounters are common is this area. Kisite Marine park is a great dive for beginners or those who have not dived for a long time. It is a very relaxed easy dive with little or no current .

  • Kisite Point – 5-15m
  • Inner Kisite – 2-8m
  • Kisite Garden – 7-14m
  • Kisite West – 5-12m
    (Note: Marine Park fees must be paid to dive here but this is included if you book for the full day trip)
  • Nyuli – 28-32m
    This is a deep wall starting at 28m and goes down to 45m. It is an area where two currents meet and thus there is abundance of food. It is this that attracts large schools of reef fish and pelagics. Due to current this site is usually dived at slack tide. It is a dive for experience divers. 
    As you descend down the line you are greeted by surgeon fish which give way to a small lagoon where there are hundreds of blue lined snappers. This is where all the action takes place. Look out for the giant groupers with their armies of little pilot fish - there is one that can give the smart car a run for its money. There are also the friendly but cautious Napoleon fish and if you are lucky you might the florescent blue one. Watch out for the schools of trevally darting. At the end of the reef there is a small cliff and on the sandy bottom there are stealthy reef sharks.  Black fin barracudas escort you on the way up. Keep a look out into the blue you never know what you might see. It’s one of those dives.
  • Secret Place – 12-26m
    This is a vivid, diverse expansive soft coral garden at 12m that ends in a wall dropping to 25m. Among the beautiful sponges, colourful flower soft coral and stunning oyster shell hide colourful leaf fish, spooky ribbon eels and inconspicuous scorpion fish.
    The wall drops from 12 to 25m. Here you’ll see the passing napoleon fish and some large malabar groupers. Watch out for the almost invisible glass shrimp. Throughout the dive you’ll be escorted by playful batfish.
  • Harm’s Drop off – 12-32m
    This is a pretty and relaxed drift dive. Spectacular reef structure, look out for cratures hiding beneath the small coves.

Dolphin Point - Depth 3 - 12 meters

This dive site owes its name to the playful dolphins that divers are lucky enough to spend time with here. The coral growths are splendid, and big eyes and squirrelfish abound. There are exquisite varieties of lionfish and turkey fish, and dense clouds of yellow-striped snappers float above and around the coral heads. Large multicoloured parrotfish feed off the coral. On the sandy bottom the bizarre outline of the head of the predatory flatfish (Aurrelia aurita) may be distinguished as it lies in ambush for unsuspecting prey.

Hassan Reef - Maximum depth 16m

The coral cover is delicate and unspoilt. Strikingly beautiful lilac-blue soft corals are to be found along most of the reef's length. The coral formations on Hassan reef ore often inhabited by exquisitely contrasting orange fairy damselfish. Turtles have been spotted resting among the coral growths, and brightly coloured angelfish and surgeonfish abound. Further to the west are isolated coral heads that attract bigger fish, such as inquisitive jacks (caranx), big groupers and some large sweetlips.

Pink Reef – 14-16m

This site is made up of small islands of beautiful pink flower soft coral over sand. Once the swarms of sweepers move away you will see small and beautiful creatures hidden among the soft corals. There are a plethora of nudibranchs and flatworms. Try to see how many different coloured leaf fish and ribbon eels you can spot. Also beware; the scorpion fish will be watching your every move.

Coral Garden – 14-18m

This is an extension of pink reef; the flower soft coral is replaced by a variety of sponges. You’ll see the weird and wonderful shapes of the barrel sponge and the surprises that lie within them. The size of the giant morays can give you a fright. Look out for the stealthy guitar rays in the sand.

Dives in the Wasini Channel

  • Mkwiro point – 7-15m
  • Pango Tatu – 6-14m
  • Wasini village – 6-14m
  • Firefly House – 5-16m